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Thanks Christopher for your positive feedback on this post. I'm glad you found my resources useful, because that is my purpose for writing. Good luck with your work.

Hi Janice -

Once again you are out in front demonstrating just how deep your knowledge of this business is.

I came up in corp comm doing a lot of documentary film and event work where the writer has always been the bag person for all the odds and ends. S/he was also the idea person whose job it was and still is to create a strategy or document of some kind from whatever ended up on the white board.

I've always considered these roles to be the larger value add, and have shaped my business to focus on them, adding a healthy research component and more lately offering BaseCamp which if nothing else generate marvelous reports with very little effort.

Been interesting hanging around the 2.0 "writers" to get their take on things as I focus more and more of my practice on the web.

Been very surprised to learn that they don't seem to have much of an idea of this at all... While I admire the first in, first out approach, there is no way they end up with as detailed a knowledge of the clients business - which is the key to the next job.

I look forward to reading the books - I'll put them right next to yours under the heading of sound real world advice.

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